Δευτέρα 22 Μαΐου 2017

Last call ... 👌

I know it's been a long time since my last post but today I woke up with this mood!  To write about my upcoming holidays!!! 
I will not tell the place yet but I am sure that many of you can easily guess the destination 😊

But how everything started??

A few weeks ago I received a message from my sister when I was at work!
"Hey, I took holidays from my job! One week in June! We need to make plans!"
In few seconds my mood changed! It was like I was leaving next day! 
So excited!!!  
There are so many places we want to go! We both want to travel the world!!!
So we started searching on the web... for dreamy destinations!
Photos of so many places, the top-10 and of course accommodation!
The more you see, the more the confusion!!!

So we decided to visit Crete Island in Greece and especially Chania! 
It is an island we both love for so many reasons! We have been there for so long, we have friends, family and beautiful memories!
The next step was to make our bookings! Tickets and accommodation!!! We wanted an apartment just few steps from the beach, and we found it!!!
We are so excited and happy for our upcoming holidays!

We both need to relax!

And this is the perfect place!

Beautiful beaches, sunbathing, cocktails, and friends! The best way to spend your holidays!

A place I have never been although I 've in Crete so many times is Seitan Limani. It's an amazing place to go! Take a look!!!

Another place we want to visit is Elafonisi! 

Some photos of Elafonisi beach!

Elafonisi is one of the fifteen best beaches in the whole world!!! 

Have you ever been there?
If not, make plans for this summer!!! 

Pink sand in Elafonisi Beach!!! 

I upload these photos and realise how much I miss this place! It's been more than 5 years since my last visit ! And I used to be there a lot!!!  I feel that I will go there and it will be like I visit Chania for the first time of my life! 

Summer for me means beach, sun, smell of sun cream, beach bars, cocktails and good company! 

It's been almost a year since the day I left from Greece and these holidays make me feel like I am going back home! 

Counting days!!! 😁

Till my next post.. 

Lots of Love.. 

Photos by Google

Σάββατο 12 Νοεμβρίου 2016


The name came from the beavers that lived for centuries there. 
Together with the lake, another known feature of the city is the activation of residents for over 500 years in the art of fur.

The fur those years was a symbol of nobility and social status.  

Kastoria is a very beautiful city, full of mansions.  Generally, in the mansions of Kastoria there is a balance in relation to the environment.

The lake of Kastoria is located at an altitude of 620 meters.  It is the 8th bigger lake in Greece. When the winter is too heavy this lake turns to ice and sometimes people ice-skate on it. Truly gorgeous picture. 

I love Kastoria so much!!!  It is a place I have visited years ago and has win a place in my heart. I visited Kastoria during my summer holidays and I enjoyed the green, the lake with ducks sometimes sitting in the grass next to me or swimming on the water.

I enjoyed afternoon walks around the lake through an alley which from your right hand side you had the lake and from the left hand side tall pine trees. In winter I guess the scenery is majestic too! For me Kastoria is the perfect place to relax!  

Dragon's cave!

A cave worth visiting!!! It is not so big but what impresses you the most is the pontoon bridge you cross inside the cave, the gentle music and the small ponds!


Another place you must visit during your staying in Kastoria is Nymfeo.  A picturesque village that can offer you anything you want.  Moments of fun, tasty food, beautiful routes and trails, browsing where the bears live and the wolve's refuge!

Kastoria is a winter destination I highly recommend!!

Your eyes just can't get enough by looking at this place and admiring the beauty of nature. 

I would definitely go back to create more memories...

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